Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 3 coming to a close

Chad's Letter
July 21, 2013

Dear Family, I am almost halfway through with the MTC; it is going by really fast.  Each week we get more teachers.  Most are American, some come from the old Mexcio City MTC.  That MTC had a teaching staff of 3, and some of the teachers used to teach school here.  

The food is slowly getting more American.  They offer cold cereal at every meal in addition to whatever else is served.  More Americans got here last night.  

We had an MTC devotional yesterday.  It was the first devo we have had in the auditorium, and our first devo that was not a re-broadcast of an MTC Provo devotional.  There was a member of the first quorum of the seventy who came and spoke.  

The Festival of Saints was a few nights ago, there were a lot of fireworks in the city.  It was like the 4th of July.  

The water here is unsafe to drink, so they give everyone a water bottle with a filter.  It was worrisome when I left my water bottle in the gym.  I prayed to find it, because it was not there when I went back to get it. My prayer was answered when Elder Smith in my district picked it up and gave it to me.  Prayer works.  

I am happy to be here.  I put a letter in the mail room today, so see how long it takes for Pachi to put that in the letter getter. 

With peace and happy gratitude,
Elder Withers

Rebecca's Letter
July 21, 2013

This week has been crazy!  Last Sunday we had our first sisters meeting since our first Sunday here was a fast Sunday, and it was amazing.  We got to watch music and the spoken word ( and it was amazing to hear music because they don't allow us to listen to it except at church and devotionals).  Then we had a guest speaker, Carol Mikita, and her talk was so good.  Her message was about the importance of missionary work and that its okay to not always see the fruits of your labor, because it may not always be visible....but if a missionary is following all of the rules and working as hard as possible, then seeds are being planted.  It was a cool message.
On Monday we taught our first TRC lessons, which is when people from the community come volunteer at the MTC as investigators.  Our lessons are all in Spanish, and despite our broken Spanish the spirit was still very strong and it was amazing to know that the investigator got the message from the lesson.  I have learned that  if someone goes into something with the Spirit, and eager to learn, that they will get the message that they need to hear.  The message we had prepared wasn 't what she took away from the experience, but she was prepared and took with her what she needed to learn.  Cool.
Tuesday was like the best day ever.  My companion and I reached the conclusion that it would be infinitely better to join the choir than to try and study with distracting we did!  We walked to the Marriott center with all of the other vocally inclined missionaries, and tried our best to make it look like we knew what we were doing and had sung the song before.  We had no idea, and accidentally placed ourselves in the first soprano section with all of the other girls who can sing high.  Whoops.  It turned out okay, and it turns out that half of the MTC is in the choir too, because its a fun hiccup in the sometimes monotonous schedule.  When we got there, the director and camera people told us to get our last drinks of water and whatever because this broadcast was special....they were going to  broadcast it to all of the other MTC's!  My heart skipped a beat, and I sort of said a prayer that my companion and I could be on the screen so Chad could see me.  The devotional was good, Elder Richard G. Hinckley spoke, and then our district met back up to discuss the meeting.  When we get in there..... the Elders told us that they saw us on the screen!!!  I was so thrilled.  I know Chad has been struggling to adjust, but if  Chad was paying attention he probably saw me.  Such a miracle, I didn't make it on that thing for nothing.  Thousands of missionaries are in that choir, the fact that I even agreed to sing in the first place is amazing, and I also was faking it until I could make it because our part was so dang high.  A miracle really. 
After the devotional, their was an MTC picture taken...with all of the MTC presidency and Elder Hinckley.  They said it was only the 3rd picture ever taken of an entire MTC group, so yay!
There are pictures on nearly every square inch of the walls here at the MTC, and on the bigger walls they have big beautiful paintings.  My two favorites, are the Standard of Truth painting with Joseph  Smith.  And my other favorite is the one we have in Boise, with the older brother helping his little brother cross the  River.  the MTC's copy is huge, and its  so fun to look at.
My companion and I have been called to be music coordinators here in our little branch at the MTC.  All it means is that we get to pick out the hymns and musical numbers on Sunday, but it is still fun to have a calling (:
To be honest, this has been a fairly uneventful week, just meals, classes, studying, and sleep.  Then repeat.  Ha last night, one of the districts in our zone sang Christmas songs because it was P-day eve because it apparently felt like Christmas Eve.  I have to agree though, P-day is one of the best days of the week.  The other best day is Sunday
Thanks for all of your love and support.  It means the world to me. 
I love you all more than the number times I have resorted to eating cereal for dinner (because everything else is highly suspect),
Hermana Withers. 

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