Sunday, July 28, 2013


Chad's Letter

Dear Family, 

I enjoy being here.  Mail takes one to two weeks to get here, and I check the post office regularly.

The MTC President, President Pratt is really nice.  He was born in Mexico, but he speaks English perfectly well.  He has a great sense of humor.  The Mexico City temple is beautiful.  It will be temporarily closed for cleaning, so today was my last time in a temple for a couple of years.  

One of the Elders from Mexico who was in our apartment building (He already left for his mission to a certain part of Mexico City) has an amazing conversion story.  He grew up in Provo, Utah as an illegal immigrant.  When he was 16 he ran a red light and the cop that pulled him over found out that he was an illegal immigrant.  He spent 3 months in jail before being deported to Mexico.  While in jail, he found out about the gospel.  he knew hardly any Spanish when he got dropped off in Mexico.  He met a family of members in Veracruz.  He lived with them for a little while after he got baptized.  To make a long story short, he is serving a mission because he went to jail.

3 nights ago, the wind blew the door open.  Then, in the form of dozens of  mosquitoes, a Red Cross Blood Drive Crew came into my room.  I woke up with a hundred and something mosquito bites.  They were mostly on my hands and arms, and haven't been itching too bad.  I think they are starting to go away.

The thing I like most here is teaching the investigators.  They are actually just my teachers, but it is still exciting.  One of my teachers, Brother Polo, has been learning English in his spare time for 8 weeks.  He had zero prior experience with English, yet he is very easy to understand.  I am confident   that if English can be learned that fast, Spanish can also, if not faster.

I love you all.
-Elder Withers

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