Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Time is Flying By

Rebecca's Letter

Dear Family,
This week went by the fastest, it seems like I was just barely emailing, but this week was so good.  In our mailbox was a notice for our district saying we have been asked to be hosts for the new missionaries coming in on the 31st!  It should be really fun and I am so excited.

On Tuesday we went to choir again, and the director shared the coolest thing.  He gave us some numbers (you might have to check them) but he said roughly 100 billion people have lived on the Earth.  If you were to take that number and divide it by the number of missionaries currently serving, the ratio would roughly equal 1 in 100,000.  Meaning each missionary represents 100,000 other people.  When he said that, my stomach fluttered a little bit, and then I felt this overwhelming obligation to do my best for the other 100,000 people I theoretically represent.  Lots of responsibility, but I know I can do it.  For choir that day, we sang Mack Wilburg's arrangement of Praise to the Man.

This week I also learned how influential the Book of Mormon really is.  I believe that the Book of Mormon combined with the Holy Ghost is the most powerful tool or instrument the Lord has given us to convert, both others and ourselves.  Missionaries are on the front lines, taking plenty of metaphorical gunshot wounds for the church,  but no worldly weapon can win against the Book of Mormon and the Spirit. When joined together, they serve as the strongest sword against wickedness and simultaneously bring people to a true conversion.  I have learned the best way to slay Satan's influence in the world is with the Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost, and kindness.  Nothing I ever say or teach will ever matter unless I teach with the Spirit and apply the Book of Mormon to investigators.

Every where else in Utah Pioneer Day brings BBQs, sharing pioneer stories, and bearing testimony of the the MTC Pioneer day meant we sang all of the hymns about pioneers at least twice because there are only so many.....and also no mail.  Sad.  We didn't even have pioneer food that day.

There is an Elder in my district who is really good at singing.  He wrote a song about missionaries, and played it for us....and it is so good.  He said it is on YouTube.  His name is Tyler Barton and the song is called Through Me, maybe you can find it.  It was a cool song.

On Sunday we sang the primary song "We'll Bring the World His Truth"  and it was so amazing.  Having a room full of literally thousands of missionaries, learning who knows what language, preparing to cover the globe to spread the truth, and all gathered together to sing about it was incredible.

During the week my companion and I walk laps on our classroom floor, on floors beneath us, and around the MTC.  We review Spanish words, phrases, and grammar.  It's so nice to get up, moving, and some fresh air while still being productive.

I keep forgetting to tell you, I broke my shoes in when I first got here and they are the best purchase we made for my mission.  They are sort of manly, but they are so comfortable.  Also all of the skirts that I thought I hated, are the ones  I wear the most.

When my companion and I have gym we like to go to the bikes and look out the big windows.  The view is awesome.   You can see Utah Lake in the distance, the big Wasatch mountains, and the BYU campus with lots of trees scattered through it all.  It is so pretty.

I love you more than all of the Spanish words I have learned,
Hermana Withers

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  1. Awesome! I love to hear their testimonies and learn of the great experiences they are having. In church today the speaker said it was the "best two years FOR his life". What a difference an R and can make in a phrase! Thinking of you everyday and praying for our missionaries!