Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rebecca's last email before going to Argentina on Monday

October 26, 2013

Dear Family,
Because my P-Day for emailing will be shot with traveling, I have been given permission to email a little note today.

The word on my travel plans?  I have to report to the mission office at noon....and I'm not really sure what happens at this step, but then someone from the office takes me to the airport with the 4 other visa waiters.  Once at the airport, I go through all the checking bags and security stuff, find my gate, and wait for takeoff!  My flight is apparently around 2:00 or 2:30 (I haven't heard official word on this....this is just the estimate from the assistants) which makes me slightly nervous for time.  Between travel from the office, and then airport stuff......I hope I can make it all.  The church is developing a reputation for cutting all travel plans real close on time.  I know how to run fast though :) and I will call as soon as I can.  I have no idea what time I will have in the DC airport, or if we have a layover somewhere along the way......but be waiting to hear from me!  Interesting to know, no one actually left on Oct. 22.....we are all flying (my MTC district and I assume many other visa waiters around the country) together on Monday.

Happy Birthday to Lauren this Sunday!  As in tomorrow!!!! How exciting!  You'll be a good 14 year old I'm sure (:  

This DC South mission is getting Facebook by the end of next week, and iPads in December.  At District Meeting when this was announced some people were like, "Oh...Hermana Withers, you aren't going to be here for those..."  And I was just like, "Oh, that ain't nothin...I'm going to Argentina!"  I am really excited for the missionaries here though.  Facebook will be a great tool for when it’s harder to have appointments or to find people.  And iPads are going to be so fun for lessons to show Mormon messages, pictures, and videos of the Apostles.  Exciting stuff!

We had interviews with President this last week, and he is so awesome.  Everyone else in the zone had all these specific questions they had to ask him about the mission, their companion, areas, and so on....and we talked a little about those things, but we mostly just had a nice conversation.  He is a great president and I honestly feel like his ability to discern my needs and receive revelation on behalf of this mission is a way Heavenly Father shows His love for me.  We rarely see President, and each week he only sends a line or two in response to everyone's email...but somehow you feel so loved and well known to President.  It's a miracle really!  

Thank you sooooooo much for the camera stick and USB with music!  They are both perfect, and the USB has the absolute best music ever.   Tell Valerie she did a stellar job and that I love all the songs.  Again not just sweet talking, it is the honest truth and as we have been traveling to meetings everyone is like, "oh I love this song,"  or "oh...this has such great music!"  It really is fun to have a change of pace with music, and she has excellent taste.  

Our little mile by a mile area is actually closing.  I am going to Argentina, and Hermana Woodbury is going to be companions with another visa waiter's companion.  We both have to pack, clean the apartment, and organize things like the area book and phone.  It's going to be so busy.  But two more days in America and then I am headed into uncharted territory!  It's going to be an adventure.

Thanks for everything.  Also, please be praying for me on Monday.  I don't want to get sick from nerves again (: I love you more than the number of dishwashers in all the apartments that go unused by Hispanics because they think they are too slow (:

Hermana Withers        

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