Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Diligence, Trip to Rosario

Dear Family,
This past week passed really quickly, and I am shocked that I am almost at the halfway point of my mission.  TOO FAST.  I wish it would slow down.  Yesterday I gave a talk about the Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.  I focused most of the talk on enduring to the end.  I used the tortoise and the hare analogy, and invited everyone to be gospel tortoise, not in the sense of being slow, but in the sense of being diligent. We were delighted to see that Amadeo, the reference from Bro. López came to church.  I would appreciate it so much if you could include him in your prayers.  He still has a long ways to go. He has a baptismal date set for the twenty first of June, and he really needs your prayers.  This week we hope to finally have the family home evening with Norma, the reference who contacted us in the street.  We have been waiting for the members to set up the family home evening, and they have lost her phone number a couple of times.  I really hope we can start working with her this week.

Oh, I dont remember if I sent the recipe for microwaveable cake yet.  Here it is.  You can make it in a mug, a bowl, or anything that can go in the microwave.  Feel free to double or triple the recipe.  4 cucharadas de azucar+ 3 cucharadas de harina + 2 cucharadas de chocolate amargo (nesquik will probalby work just as fine) + 4 cucharadas de aceite + 3 cucharadas de leche + 1 huevo.  mix until well mixed, then put the microwave on highest power setting and cook it for 3 to 3.5 minutes.  Enjoy!

To answer a couple questions, we haven’t come in contact with the Matthew 28:19 investigator, I think he has been out of town.  We will either find him this week or we will slip a note under his door.

I love you all more than the number of bugs the car will hit between now and the time you pull the car into garage in Boise.
Elder Withers

Dear Family,
This was an out of the ordinary week because we had to go to Rosario 3 times (3!).  That’s a ton! We first went so my companion could have an x-ray and MRI done, then we went the next day to pick up all the results, and we went again to do what is called a "choque de fuerza" or in other words, overflow a single area in our zone with all the missionaries in the zone for 3 hours to help with contacts and lessons.  It was really awesome, and made me so grateful for Beltran.  The area we were working in has tonnnnns of money, and lots of cold, uninterested people.  But it went well, and it was fun to all work together as a zone.  And as always, it was fun to see Elder Hill :)

When we went to downtown Rosario for the medical stuff, we were told to go to the Gamma Institute, which turned out to be a huge, big medical place right in the middle of downtown Rosario.  It takes almost 2 hours to get there because you have to take 2 different buses, and it took even longer because we had to go the mission office first to pick up the money to pay for all the tests.  It felt like we were traveling all day long.  And when we got to the area of downtown Rosario, everything started to get nuts.  You have to walk really fast to keep up with the speed and the sheer number of people that are invading the sidewalks.  You have to guard your bags because there are so many people everywhere, and not breathe in too deeply because everyone and their mother is smoking.  We walked past the big Broadway theater....ha and in case you are interested they will be showing Phantom of the Opera this week. :)  I would have taken pictures of everything to document it all.......but I didn’t want to attract attention and get robbed, so I just locked it all in my memory and am doing my best to explain it all.  

Funny story....at one point in the journey from the mission home to Gamma, we were given permission to take a taxi.  We called the taxi, got in, and were on our way.  It was an insane roller coaster (like every cab ride.....I miss driving laws) and the car broke.  Right in the middle of the big road.  We got out, and kept going, but it was a funny little adventure.  We spent a lot of time in the big huge city this week, and it was a little stressful, but we made it out alive. Hopefully we can figure out what is happening with my companion’s knee.   

I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish yesterday, and it is such a powerful book.  I prayed again to ask if it was true, and just like every other time I have prayed and asked.....I got the same peaceful and reassuring feeling that it is.  And I know it is.  

Our investigators are all doing well.  We are still waiting for the paperwork for Roberto and Teresa to come through so that they can get married.  They are progressing well, and we even got to help them lay the cement and place the bricks on the house they are building this week, which was fun.  :)

We also had an investigator named Jorge, who went to church yesterday.  He is living with a member who has 7 kids, and they moved to Beltran recently.  They want to get married (so many people need to get married!) but they are waiting for the divorce paperwork for Lorena, his girlfriend.  Hopefully it comes quick!  They are both cops, and super awesome people.  
All else moves along nicely here in Beltran.  Our branch president is this nice man, but he is huge.  I learned this week that he lifts lots of weights, and it all makes so much sense.  I will send a picture of him some time, he has to turn sideways to walk through the doors his shoulders are so big.  He is awesome though.  Crazy thing is that the relief society president and her husband (he isn’t a member, but we are teaching him) both had polio.  It is very rare to meet people who have had that disease, but apparently Argentina was hit with a bad case that spread quickly, and they were affected before there was a vaccine.  They are incredible people.  

The general conference talks have been like angels to me.  I love listening to them.  And just so you know, everything has cleared up with the packages.  They arrive without problems.  Just don’t use private companies like FedEx or anything.  

This week really was a stellar week and I am excited for another week of adventures!  This is the last week of the transfer, so I won’t be emailing until next Tuesday.  

I love you all lots!  More than all the people I walked past in downtown Rosario this week!  
Hermana Withers

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