Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Phone Calls - Short Letters

Dear Family,
I was so excited to talk to you all.  It was awesome.  Amazingly, we were able to hook up all three computers and have a crazy long distance phone call, and be able to see everyone’s faces.  It was awesome to talk with each and every one of you, and to try to catch up with all the many things that are going on.  

This week started out pretty rough, as far as the quantity of people we had scheduled to teach.  We worked hard to talk with as many people as possible, and on Sunday, on our way to lunch we were privileged to talk with someone who is really prepared to receive the gospel.  Her name is Norma.  I was so happy about it that I put it in my letter to president.  We did our part to do the 10 contacts a day per missionary, and we were greatly blessed.  I was honestly surprised when we were walking to lunch yesterday and a couple stopped us, and asked where and when our church meetings are, and what is required to be able to be married in the temple. The man is a member, and really wants to be sealed to his wife.  She is a non-member, but very interested, and asked us about how to prepare for baptism.  We look forward to teaching her the gospel.  I am convinced that had we not been talking with everyone throughout the week, God would not have placed them in our path. I have a testimony of the importance of talking with everyone.  I am happy, and healthy, and excited to start this new week.
The mission is such an amazing experience.  To be able to see people accept the gospel is the most exciting thing.  Those awesome moments when you are really teaching the gospel make it all worth it.  

I love you all so much, more than the number of cheerios it would take to feed all the animals in Hogle Zoo for a week.
Elder Withers

Dear Family,
Oh it was so fun to talk to you guys through Skype.  I lovvvvvved it, and even more incredible was that Chad and I were able to talk for a little bit.  Such a miracle that everything worked out and that we could have a nice relaxing conversation.  

I really love my mission.  I really do :)  All the silly and strange things and adventures that happen are all part of the package, but they aren’t the whole story.  All of the people we talk to in the streets, or the members we visit, the lessons we have, or service we can offer are what make the mission awesome.  As fun as it has been getting to know a new country and culture, that’s not why I came on a mission.  My purpose was and is to serve the Lord, not to get to know a new county.....and it’s been awesome!  As foreign and different as the Argentine people seem sometimes, they really are amazing and have the same spiritual and emotional needs like everyone else in the world....they just speak a different language and are addicted to mate!  

Life is good.  Missionary work really is a life changing experience, which makes a person grow and change in incredible ways.  

I love you lots and hope you know that you are all my favorite!  I love you all more than the number of people who are investigating the church around the world!

Hermana Withers 

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