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Baptism in Chile, World Cup starting

June 16

Dear Family,
Well Hello!  Today there were 20 or so Dear Elder letters in the office so it will be fun to read through them this week.  I promise that I will get a letter for reunion in time.  I am thinking about writing about what an amazing experience it is to serve a mission

This week hasn’t had too many crazy happenings.  We are still here, happy and healthy in Concepci√≤n.  The training of Elder Sellers is coming along, he speaks good Spanish, has a testimony, knows the scriptures, and really likes to participate in lessons, so that is just awesome. 

Amadeo is set to be baptized this Saturday.  Please pray a lot for him, and that he will be able to be an active member and faithful tithe payer.  His interview will probably be this Thursday, baptism on Saturday at 4:30, and confirmation at 10 am Sunday morning in ward conference.  

I decided to write my MTC district for the first time, so I ran a little short on time.  Just know that I love you, I care about each and every one of you.

I love you all, more than the number of kernels of popcorn it would take to make a popcorn ball big enough to look like a fully grown apricot tree.  

With lots of love,
Elder Withers

Dear Family,
As for life here in Argentina......its amazing.  I LOVE my companion; it’s amazing what a difference it makes to be around people who make you happy instead of sad.  I feel like I am my old self again and it feels good. Ha...I think I wrote in my journal several times this week how awesome my companion is, but she really is so fun to have around.  The training is going well, and she is actually ahead of schedule.  She came into the mission already knowing lots of things, now we are just working on learning how to plan/use the agenda/teach lessons/contact...and so forth.  It’s been good, plus it’s been fun to watch her get to know Argentina.  The only thing that has been hard is that I have to explain things or remind her people’s names or where we are going like 12,000 times.  Her car accident has left her with difficulties in memorizing things.  But if I review things over and over and over again, she gets it.  So it’s working!  

This week has been really cold and rainy, and we had hot humidity for a few days.  I totally did not miss it, it felt like the beginnings of summer all over again and it made me so grateful that its winter and that I don’t have to endure another Argentine summer (like a month, but that’s it!).  

And in case you missed it, the world cup started.  Everyone here has been going crazy.  There is lots of Argentine pride in their soccer teams and everyone here is sure that they are going to win :)  I have also never seen so many Argentine flags in my life, all the houses and stores have one on display right now.  

The other day we were walking down a dusty dirt road (like every day!) and we saw a group of kids playing marbles in the street.  My whole life I thought it was a really old fashioned game that the pioneers played, but it still exists!  I’m not sure why, but here in this little town lots of kids like to play marbles.  And they are good too!  Little 4 or 5 year old kids have stellar aim and it’s fun to walk past them playing :)  

Last Saturday we combined together as a zone to work in one area to help out, and this time it was Elder Hill and his companion’s area!  Ha, it was fun to work in his area, but I am also grateful that it isn’t mine.  It is HUGE.  Seriously gigantic.  They took us to our assigned sector (ha, of course the part with all the rich people with fancy gates and buzzers with speakers) and it took us 45 minutes to walk back.  And we weren’t even as far as you could go, there was much more.  It went well though, we were able to find some great people who were willing to have them stop by again.  In all honesty though, I really am so grateful for my area.  We have a great little branch here and the members are awesome.  They are small in numbers down here, but the little that we have is really strong.  

This Friday we are going to have a big talent show activity, with skits and songs, jokes, music, balloons and treats.  It’s going to be awesome and we are excited! :)  We have also been having lots of family home evenings with the members to work on building up trust and confidence so that they give us references and are willing to do visits with us.  And so far it’s going well!  Roberto and Teresa are progressing and are going to be married in July.  We met a less active family this last week through an active member, and they haven’t had a visit from anybody in years.  It’s an older man and his 2 grown children, and they are all blind.  They have an incredible story and for a living they make/repair shoes in their little house.  Out of all the experiences I have had on my mission, getting to know people is by far my favorite and most worthwhile.  I really have no complaints about my life here, all is well (other than having to wash my clothes by that it is winter its COLD)  but all is well :)

Thanks for all your emails and for keeping me updated and for being awesome.  I love you all lotsssss!  
Don’t forget to be awesome and know that I love you more than all the waffle blocks it would take to make a line from Argentina to Boise!

Hermana Withers

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