Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New apartment confusion, and a Baptism in Argentina!

September 2, 2014

Dear Family,
It sounds like you have started the new school year started out well.  

This week was a little bit crazy.  We changed houses.  The last landlady was really hard, and just unworkable.  She ended up keeping the fridge the mission bought. We are now living in a house twice the size of the last one, for the same price.  It is great.  I think it is funny that Becca and I were both moving in this week.  We also had a key situation, and waited about an hour with all the mattresses and stuff piled up, waiting for the new landlady to bring the keys.  There are so many coincidences.

I am trying to write letters to people from previous wards today, and to tell new members to go to the temple, sending them small temple photos, and so by using the mission’s member list program to get their addresses, I really don’t have much time to write.  But, I want to say that I am learning a lot every day, that my new companion is a hard worker, and that I am really looking forward to a new week.

I really do read and process every email you all write, and am grateful for your prayers.  

I love you all more than the number of chocolate chips it would take to make 3 chocolate chip cookies for every person in the world.
-Elder Withers

Dear Family,
It is so good to hear from all of you!!!!  This was a most excellent week here in Beltran.  Mostly because life keeps on keeping on, and Mauro was baptized and confirmed a member!  It was such a cool day, and he is so good.  The baptism really went perfectly.  We started 1/2 an hour late because no one arrives on time to church activities here, but it really was a very beautiful service.  We showed the restoration video while we were waiting for them to change and come back....and that movie brings the spirit so powerfully every time.  Lots of non members went (Mauro’s parents and a few other relatives) and several other less actives.  A total success and we are excited for him.  He has started to come to church in a white shirt and tie, with black dress slacks and shoes.  And he is now preparing to receive the priesthood, and his other goals he says are, "my patriarchal blessing and the temple" and he will get there.  He loves to read and that is a huge point in his favor.  

This week we had weather from freezing cold wind, to hot humidity and it’s awesome to think that winter is coming to an end.  I can’t believe that we are already starting September!  
Good news is that Roberto and Teresa were finally able to fix an appointment with the civil register for their wedding.......so that’s awesome!  And on Sunday we had 57 people who went to church.......yes!  We almost didn’t fit in the sacrament room.

And my companion had her birthday!  Today we are going to make brownies and serve them with strawberries to celebrate :)  And really there is not too much new to report or write.  We are still in an intensive search looking for new investigators, but we will find them.  We have several good places to look, and a few of them look very very promising :)

I am grateful to have you all as part of my family and I hope you know I love you more than all the starfishes in the ocean!
Hermana Withers

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