Monday, December 29, 2014

Bike wreck in Chile, Last of the Last Letters from Argentina

Mother’s Note:  Chad had a wreck on his bike and flipped in the air landing on his head and also hurting his hip.  He told us on Christmas that his companion did the sideline High School sport concussion test and declared that he didn’t have a concussion.  I am grateful for all the angels who watch over missionaries.  We had a good talk on Christmas with both Rebecca and Chad, and we are excited for her return home on Wednesday afternoon Dec. 31.

Dear Family,
Well, Merry Christmas to all of you, and a Happy New Year!!  This week has been good.  Camilla and Aaron were all set to be baptized, but Aaron was a bit forgetful and drank coffee the morning of his interview.  They are still excited to be baptized and will do it this Saturday.

This town is normally pretty calm and peaceful, but our bikes were stolen on Saturday.  I will be looking for a used bike today, (the uglier the better - protection against theft).  

I haven’t written very much, but we will talk on Christmas, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

I have been healing rapidly from the bike wreck.  My hip that hurt for a day was a very manageable pain, and now it is perfectly fine, just a good bruise.  I haven’t had any of the head injury symptoms you mentioned in your email.  

We have cambios and I am staying here and my companion is going to Concepcion.  My new companion will be Elder Durrant. 

Love you all more than the number of Christmas trees it would take to cover the Sahara desert so it looks green from Space.
Elder Withers

Dear Family,
I know we are going to be able to talk tomorrow, but I just wanted to send a little note anyway.  I hope you all know how much I love you and how grateful I am to be a missionary.  Lots of changes are on the way for me, and I am excited to take them on but also anxious.    

I have learned more than words could truthfully or accurately explain, I have worked for a testimony....and I know for sure that this Church is the only one with the truth.  I have learned what it is like to go hungry or thirsty because there isn’t anything to eat, or no clean water to drink......what it’s like to get soaking wet in a rain storm or to roast in intense and humid heat.  I have seen a person rough around the edges or closed to the gospel experience a change of heart.  I have seen the restoration video at least a hundred times......and the part when Joseph Smith wakes up early to go to the Sacred Grove still gives me goose bumps.  I know what it is like to learn a new language, or try whacky weird foods all in the name of showing love to the person who cooked it.  I have been one of 10 people at church each week, and I have defended my testimony and what I know is the truth.  I have worked hard to be obedient every day of my mission.....and even though I am light years away from being perfect, I am grateful for my mission experiences which have helped me become a little more like Christ.  

I know that missions exist so that we can help others come unto the truth, but Heavenly Father is incredibly efficient, because as he sends missionaries around the world, as they lose themselves in service.....they too become more converted, just like the new converts.  I am grateful that He let me help for little bit in his vineyard, in this corner of the world.  I didn’t do it perfectly, but He let me help anyway and I am so grateful.

I love you more than the number of people getting ready to travel for the holidays!
Hermana Withers

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