Monday, March 16, 2015

Reading the Book of Mormon Strengthens Investigators

Dear Family,

This week was quite great.  We have been seeing miracles with the people we are teaching.  One of them, Christian, who we found a few weeks ago is happily preparing for his baptism.  He is about 45 years old, and recently moved here.  His baptismal date is the 4th of April.  He accepted tithing yesterday.  When we taught him the Word of Wisdom 2 weeks ago, we found that he occasionally drinks, frequently smokes, likes tea, and drinks coffee every morning, but ever since he accepted to live the Word of Wisdom 2 weeks back he hasn’t had a problem.  He reads the Book of Mormon and that helps him.  He is an interesting character and gets very easily distracted and goes off on random tangents, but we did practices in our studies of how to control the lessons and it has helped a lot. 

Teresa and Pia are also doing good.   Teresa hasn’t smoked, and her daughter Pia has been a good reminder for her.  When we leave them something to read in the Book of Mormon they read it together and talk about it before the next lesson.  Their baptismal date was changed to the 28th of March, and they are progressing well.  Tomorrow we will teach them tithing.  If you could keep in your prayers Christian, Teresa, and Pia, it would be great.  

I am so excited for today, the first P day in a while where we aren’t busy doing lots of stuff.  Last week for example the zone activity was make and eat pizza for brunch and play basketball, it was fun but tiring.  Today will be a great day. 

The Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I know it is true.  When we read from it God blesses us with the Spirit.  I am so glad to have the Book of Mormon as a teaching tool.  Today from the office we picked up a box of 36 copies of the Book of Mormon from the zone.  Such a power tool!

I love you all more than the number of times in the Book of Mormon that we are given reminders to have faith in Jesus Christ.

-Elder Withers

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