Monday, March 23, 2015

Transfer Changes, and Absolute Truth

Dear Family,
This week was a pretty calm week.  Nothing too crazy has happened.  We are just hunting for people to teach, and we have been greatly blessed lately with new people to teach.  Yesterday was going really slow, but at the end of the day we visited a lady who a week ago said come back some day.  She is really good, and said that she will be baptized if God answers her prayer about the Book of Mormon.  We are excited for her.  Teresa and Pia are progressing well to their baptism this Saturday.  Teresa hasn’t smoked and is doing great about it.  Christian is also progressing along.  I am excited for the upcoming weeks, and hope the Lord will allow us to find some new folks to teach, hopefully families.  

There have been transfers, actually, a lot of transfers.  About half of the zone is being changed.  The president has said that there will be a large focus on giving more missionaries chances to serve as leaders, so a lot of missionaries will be ending the mission as senior comps or trainers instead of district or zone leaders.  My companion is going to be with an Elder that has lots of problems.  All 3 of the district leaders in this zone are leaving, and incoming are 3 brand new district leaders.  My companion will be a new zone leader.  The challenge that God has given me, and opportunity to grow by giving service this cambio will be to help the new leaders of the zone in their assignments.  My companion is Elder Incil, I have been with him a lot, this is the 4th time we are in the same zone.  He was in my district once and I really like his work ethic and teaching ability.  He is from Lima Peru.  Also, great news, one of the new district leaders is Elder Copling, whose training I finished in Lorenzo Arenas.  I am excited for the opportunities and challenges of this upcoming transfer.  

Well time has flown and I need to be off and away, but just know that the following things are absolute truths.  Jesus Christ is our Savior.  Joseph Smith was called by God to be the prophet to restore the gospel.  The Book of Mormon is true, and together with the Spirit establishes convincing evidence of the former 2 truths.  I love to be a missionary.

I love you all, more than the number of beams and rays of sunlight the sun has shot off so far this morning. 
Elder Withers

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