Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wish My Mission Could Go On Forever

Dear Family,

Well, it has been a little bit cold down here in Chile, but it would only make sense, I can’t imagine a country more chilly than Chile.  Well, just know that I am happy and healthy. 

I am sad that the mission doesn’t go on forever, but that doesn’t mean I am not excited to be with you guys.  I just sort of wish the mission could last longer, it will be hard to leave.  I spent a good chunk of my writing time getting the addresses of people so I can send those pictures with the temple and my contact information.  That is why this email is a bit short. 

This week was another good week, with lots of miracles along the way.  There are so many miracles that happen in the mission field, I know I don’t realize even half of the miracles that happen right around me, and out of the few I actually notice, I maybe have told you about 10%, if that.  Just know that there are lots of miracles, big and small, every single day.  It might be a wonderful day, or it might be a seemingly lousy day with lots of walking around in the rain, and it is still blessings galore.

We had a large ward fireside about the Book of Mormon.  It was fascinating.  The Book is true, it is powerful, and we all need to read it every day.

I love you all more than the number of times that God has blessed someone because they kept the commandment to which the blessing is affixed.

Have a great day!
Elder Withers

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