Monday, October 24, 2016

Baptism By Fire... Literally

October 24, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week was pretty awesome! We did all sorts of service projects this week. One of them was a little interesting. So, there's this "college" here in Monticello. I don't know what they focus on, but they have about 20 students, and it's just a little strange.They're trying to make a new form of housing, made of sandbags making a dome, and then covering it in a mixture of mud and cement... As if putting mud on a house wasn't brilliant enough. Apparently its earthquake proof(even though it has no foundation, it's a dirt floor), bullet proof, sound proof, and a lot of other proofs... We were in charge of covering it with mud/cement. It was fun, just a little different.

We also helped an investigator paint his trailer, and they chose bright purple! And we raked leaves. And we chopped Sister Codner some wood. And we cleaned out the back room of a thrift store. There was a lot of stuff to be thrown out, but we did it as a district, it was fun.

So, we had an investigator decide he wants to be baptized but his parents won't let him til he's 18, which is in March. It's not too far away, but still. And we have another person getting really close! Both of them are being taught in member's homes, and that makes all the difference!! Members are the key to missionary work.

This week we had a bit of an adventure. Wednesday night we got in, it was about 9:00, so it was dark. We were walking up to the house, and look off to the left and see something glowing. We walk over and see its a flame. So we run in and ask Sister Codner if she knew what was going on, and she didn't. We ran out and got some buckets and a garden hose and put it out some, but it had spread quite a bit. Thankfully it wasn't a lot of flames, just ashes and embers at this point, so it must've been burning for a while. Parts of the fence were on fire, and there was a flame surrounded by pine needles under a big pine tree. We were scrambling, but we managed to keep it under control. We had the sense of mind to call the fire department, and they put the rest out. I'm glad they came. We think it started when Sister Codner spread some ashes from her wood stove. She uses it to heat her living room. The fire fighters said it must've been burning for about 2 days. We got there just in time, because it was picking up quite a bit. But the miracle is that we didn't have any major flames or the fence didn't go down(for the most part) and the house was ok. The fire didn't even get to the inside of the fence. Normally we have a south wind, but I think Heavenly Father pushed it north so the fire would spread away from the house. And it's a miracle it traced the fence but never got in, because the fence is pretty close to the house. Anyway, Wednesday night was an adventure! All is well here, Sister Steadman is the best trainer and companion ever!! She's from Far West UT, which is by Brigham City.

I love you all more than the number of miracles that happen to missionaries all over the world!!


Sister Withers

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