Thursday, November 10, 2016

Robert's Baptism

November 7, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week went really well! Monday we were really busy, we travelled to Farmington for a leadership conference that my companion had to go to. It was quite fun, we picked up some sisters in Cortez on the way, they are so funny! We laughed the entire way there. And it was nice to go to walmart! Our shopping options are gas stations and a tiny grocery store. During the conference I joined some YSA sisters and we became a trio, that was pretty fun! We went to a huge trailer park! It was like 5 square miles, thankfully they knew their way around.

Then I went on exchanges in Cortez, and I've come to realize that Monticello is amazing! Everybody kept telling me it's the celestial kingdom of the mission and I was so lucky to go there. Robert's baptism was really great! We were really happy for him. I don't have a lot of time, we have to go now.

I love you more than the number of deer out here! If you don't see like 10, it's a weird day.

Sister Withers

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