Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Towaok and Crepes

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great week! This week was pretty good for me. We have been super busy, but that's okay, it's good to be busy! Sister Steadman is a sister training leader, which means she has to do exchanges with other companionships, which means I do too. So I was in Cortez Colorado twice this week. We went out on the Ute reservation for parts of it, and it's like a whole new country out there. The reservation we went to is called Towaok (toy-yock). It's like a 3rd world country, even though it's here in UT. When we were on exchanges, we were listening to a song/recording called "Prophet Pep-talk." I was blown away, it was so good! You should look it up!! It's about 10 minutes long. You'll need to brace yourself and put on your spiritual seat belt for this one, it's super powerful! It's a compilation of powerful statements by prophets and apostles! And the music that goes with it is so good! You need to look it up!

Also, we did a service project, and the lady said "oh yeah, be careful as you move that pile of wood, there are scorpions in there" and then later she told us how she has this 6 foot bull snake in the corner of her garage... We didn't see either, thank goodness.

We had zone conference, which was really good. One thing we learned was that if you want God's help, you're going to have to put in the effort. They related it to the Brother of Jared. He didn't wait til they were in the boats, and ask for the light after he realized it was dark in there. He thought ahead, and brought the stones up to the mountain, and then prayed, and then God helped him. Because of his faith, God helped him. That's how God works.

Also, we had the cleanest truck. It's a big competition. We got 50/50, and they give the winners a necklace (or tie tack). It was super shiny, and all the tires had the perfect pressure, we worked hard for that one :)

This week, we had a great experience! Actually, a lot of them. But one in particular was with a guy named Robert. He's about 60, and was ex-communicated about 30 years ago. He used to be active, and went on a mission and everything, but made some choices that took away his membership. But I think he's always had a testimony of the gospel. Anyway, he's been working with the missionaries for the past few months. At first, he flat out said "I don't see myself coming back into the church." But they were persistent, and last night it was decided by the leaders in this area that he can be re-baptized!! So he's going to be baptized this Saturday!!!

And, we've also been working with a less active couple in Colorado, and they haven't been to church in about 30 years. But we visit with them quite a bit, and they came to church yesterday!!! We were super happy about that! They're goal is to be sealed in the temple, but they have to put in the effort!

There are some families in this area that are really struggling. They've come so far, but Satan is being Satan and isn't wanting to help us too much. But we are trying to help them in every way possible. I've learned a lot already on what it takes to have a functional family, and that is vital to life!

We had a funny experience this week. On one of the days that we were in Monticello, we met with these two old ladies for a picnic. They don't live in town, they live far away, like 10 miles of dirt road off the highway. Their living conditions aren't too good either. And they are very Catholic. We ate lunch (thank you, Mom for making me practice as a kid to "pretend you're a missionary and eat the food, and smile and say thank you" because the food they gave us was... I don't even know. They said they were crepes, which are normally good, but these were different. And the filling was fried chicken mixed with a lot of... mayo maybe, and another was some fish stuff, and the bones were still in it. One of them took a bite and said, "oh hey, they still have the bones! Oh well, more calcium!" and so that made them a little crunchy.) And then we basically listened to them talk the whole time about their dogs, and Catholicism, and they begged to know our first names, but I kindly insisted on being called Sister Withers, because my comp said if you tell them, they call you by that forever. But we made it out of there alive :)

I love you all more than the number of days that have passed since Moroni buried the plates! Hope you're all doing well :)

Sister Withers

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