Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Busy With Christmas Miracles

Dec 12, 2016

 This week was pretty good! Tuesday we did exchanges with Blanding and I got to have Sister Gillie here with me for the day, it was fun! But it was such a crazy day! We went from Eastland where we live, to Monticello, to Blanding, to Dove Creek, to Ucolo (combination of Utah and Colorado because it's a town/road right on the border... what creativity!), and then back to Eastland. And since Sister Steadman is a sister training leader, we do lots of exchanges, aka lots of driving. Aka our miles are spent on doing exchanges so we don't drive a lot for proselyting. And some days we work it out so we don't drive at all. And this was one of those days. We got a ride from each place from lots of different members. The members here are so nice, we are so blessed.

Thursday was another craaazy day! We did splits for 2 hours! Which is really good, it means that we're busy, but it was a little crazy figuring out how to get from one place to the next and who was going with who, and where to meet. But it all worked out, and everything went well! We taught a recent convert who was baptized a few months ago, he's only 9 years old, and he's so funny. We taught missionary work and invited him to give out a pass along card in school, and he asked for another one so he could give 2 away! He's going to go places in life!

We are also teaching a less active who is really progressing and is preparing to go to the temple in February. We started teaching his 11 year old daughter, Raylee a few weeks ago, and invited her to be baptized, and it would be so neat if he could baptize her. We're hoping for Dec 31, but we'll see what they say. They're lesson is Wed night. Hopefully they'll be able to make it by the 31!

It has been so cold here, we got lots of snow, and now it's freezing cold! We had a lesson outside yesterday too, which means we were standing outside for an hour and then we had to walk across town to our next appointment! It was cold.

We have been having mice in the house.. It's pretty gross. We only caught one, but we set a trap and the darn thing took the bait without dying. And it doesn't help that Sister Codner feeds the cats too much cat food and locks them in the sun room all night with the space heater on. Those cats are more pampered than any other pet I've ever met, and they were originally to be outside cats, strictly for catching mice. It's ok, we have traps, and Sister Steadman is a hero and sets them. I make the bait though, so I still help.

We pushed a car out of snow, I almost died from getting smashed by a ladder because the wind was so strong and it was dark, and freezing cold and raining. But I'm alive, and we didn't freeze. Now we have snow and ice to deal with.

I'm so happy it's Christmas! It's so fun to go around and share the message of the gospel around this time of year! People are way more receptive this time of year. And it's the perfect time to refelct and look at how the Savior has helped us in our lives. The church is so true! I hope you all make time to read the Book of Mormon individually and as family. It's so important! I love you more than the number of snowflakes that fall during the winter time :)

We had the ward Christmas parties this week for 1st and 3rd ward. We were part of the program. Before Sister Steadman came out, she would do this thing with her friend where they paint a picture to a song. It's like a live music video of somebody painting a picture, and the whole time you don't know what the picture for a while. Anyway, we painted a picture of Jesus Christ on butcher paper on the stage to the song "The Innkeeper" from the Forgotten Carols. Wednesday was 1st ward, and everything went so well. We were actually in charge of the whole program. We showed a nativity video, then shared our testimonies, then did the painting. Friday was a little different. It was 1st ward, and we were only doing the painting. But when we got to the church, somebody had thrown away the paint, and the iPod with the song on it was almost dead. It had like 1% battery. So we panicked and found some clumpy paint in one of the cupboards in the church, then we prayed really hard that everything would be okay. It was a miracle! The song played the whole way through (and it's a long song) and we had enough paint. And the painting turned out right. We were so relieved! Prayer works!!

I love being a missionary! I know the church is true! I love sharing the gospel and sharing my testimony with others. I know it because I have read the scriptures and prayed about it, and have felt the holy ghost in my life many times. I hope you all take the time to read and pray. It's so important in this life!! I love you all more than the number of Christmas trees that are all over the world this time of year :)


Sister Withers

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