Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Lord is in Control

I hope everybody's doing well! This week has been really good! I only had one exchange this week, I went to Cortez. It was really great, they have a recent convert who is basically a missionary. He has lots of tattoos and used to drink and had a crazy family life, but was baptized in April and is doing really really good. If I didn't know he was a member for only 6 months, I would have thought he's been a member for life. It's crazy how that works, but sometimes the best members are those who find the gospel later on in life, and their testimony is so different because they know what it's like without one. It makes you think if you were a convert, would you have this strong of a testimony? Some people live the gospel because it's always been a part of their life but they don't really have a testimony, and they don't realize the power behind it.

While I was in Cortez, this lady who we helped paint her fence tried to convince us that we were prophets. We explained how there is one man on the earth who is called to be the prophet. Jesus Christ leads his church through him. Nobody else has that authority. We can follow him, and be a disciple and a servant, but we don't have that kind of calling. All we could do was testify to her of what we knew.

We serve in Colorado in a town called Dove Creek, and I swear it is the redneck capital of the world! People are so out there! It's kinda funny. In church, all the men wear cowboy boots with slacks. But it's okay, the church is true no matter where you are, or who you are.

I love you more than all the times we've heard people tell us how the election went! I'm sure the Lord is in control.

Sister Withers

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