Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Love Being a Missionary

Nov. 21, 2016

This week was absolutely crazy! We had so many wonderful things happen! Yesterday, we had a less active, Curtis Hunt, come to church who hadn't been since he was in his 30s, and now he's in his 80s!!! Can you believe that!? It was a miracle, and we were so happy! the Waddoups came again too, for the 3rd time. They're the older couple who haven't been in forever either, and this time they stayed for all 3 hours :) I love being a missionary and being able to watch these changes happen in people's lives! It's a miracle in every way.

We went to Dove Creek and did some tracting there. The people there are sooo redneck I just love it! There's this one guy who was chomping on a wad of double bubble, wearing his overalls and jacket, his huge glasses and ball cap, reading the scriptrues with us on his back porch, and when it's his turn to read the verse, he sometimes stops midverse and yells "Shut up Homer!!" and then continues as if nothing happens and it's so hard to not laugh! Last time I checked, it didn't say that in his verse :) He's really nice though!

Today we went to Bluff Fort and saw the historical site there. It was established by Mormons in the 1800s. That's why I have hardly any time to write.
I love you more than the number people who'll be travelling this week!

Sister Withers

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