Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mysterious Food and Puppies

January 16, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

I cannot believe how much snow you all got!! That's amazing! And 6 snow days?! That's unheard of! Are you sure you're in Boise and not MN? I hope you don't get stuck in it on the roads!

Thanks for all your emails, I look forward to them each week!

I hope all's going well up there! This week was super good! We're going to start having 2 lessons with Amalio each week so he can be ready for baptism on Feb 2nd. It's a Thursday because all his friends in school want to be there, but there's a big school event Saturday night, so we're going with Thursday :) anywho, he brought a non-member friend and a less-active friend to the lessons this week! He's already a missionary!! This kid is absolutely amazing. If there was ever anybody ready for the gospel, it's him. And we had another lesson with the Hickmans, their mom is less active and the rest of the family is non-members. We did a soft baptism invite (soft baptism = we invite them to be baptized but don't put them on date). The lesson was really powerful! Being a missionary is so special because you get to teach people about Jesus Christ and half the time, you don't know what you're going to say, but you can feel the spirit and you open your mouth, and somehow you're talking and you can tell the people needed to hear that. I love it!

We were in a lesson this week and at the very end, their dog got loose and came running through the house, and ran right past Sister Nilsson and I and peed on her feet!! But somehow missed me, and I was right next to her! I felt bad, but it was also really funny! The people were nice and gave her a clean set of socks to put on.

We had a lesson with a less active and her non member friend. It was an interesting experience. We sang Christmas songs and then they came out of the kitchen with spaghetti and bread with mysterious flavoring. It was one of those meals where you have to smile and say thank you, and eat it all. It was rough, I have no idea what was really on that bread, but it wasn't like anything I ever ate before... And then they gave us pictures they took of people at the Christmas party a month ago. We just smiled and said thanks. It's interesting being a missionary, you really learn to love anybody!

I hope you're all doing well and keeping up with all your busy schedules and such!

Sister Withers

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