Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Amalio Was Baptized!!

Dear Family,

This week was just crazy! This week, AMALIO WAS BAPTIZED!! And it was just amazing! Our ward mission leader baptized him. We've had all the lessons in their home. He only has half of his right arm, so it was kind of funny to watch. And then he was confirmed on Sunday, and the whole ward basically bore testimony about missionary work and welcomed Amalio into the ward. It was amazing! (PS Mom, this ward mission leader is the guy who texted you, and he read the text and thought it was so funny how you said I'm your favorite, knowing I have 4 other siblings :) it made me happy) There were tons of people at his baptism! Half the chapel was full, and the baptism room was packed. He has a lot of support from this community! ANDDDD, the most exciting part of all: his nonmember dad and uncle and cousin were there, and the branch president in Eastland was there translating the whole meeting for his dad Humberto (because he only speaks a little English) and at the end, he turned and said this is something he wants for himself, and would like to also be baptized! And, his cousin who was there was in tears and said she wants to be baptized too. Amalio is doing amazing things for his friends and family!

 Brother Burt went through the temple and got his endowment!! He's in his 50s, and his wife had been excommunicated and finally got her blessings restored a few weeks ago, and they're going to be sealed in the temple this Thursday!!!! It's so exciting :)

We had a lesson with a lady who is a new investigator named Whitney. She's super nice and we had the lesson in a member's home. It was the dream set up, and then we found out she lives in the elders' area. So they'll teach her, but it's sad we won't get to work with her anymore. She's super ready for the gospel though!

We have dinner appointments basically every night without fail. We're very blessed. But, the only problem is everybody must think that nobody feeds us well, because we get fed roast and potatoes every day!! It's a little overwhelming, and we always smile and say thank you, but having it 4 out of 6 meals in one week is hard. So, if and when you have missionaries over, have a light and fruity meal. With no dessert, because brownies are also getting old.

As for Raylee, the 11 year old who wants to be baptized, we aren't sure what we can do. Her parents are divorced, and the dad is all for it, and the mom is a little hesitant. And there's a lot (A LOT) of drama that went down with their divorce, and that's playing in with this whole deal. So we're going to take a step back and just hope that eventually (hopefully soon) things will get resolved and she can be baptized.

And apparently the Superbowl was on Sunday. We kept trying people, and they just said sorry can you come back when the Superbowl isn't on? It was annoying. I kind of forget there's a world out there.

PS I forgot to tell you, but a few weeks ago Dad spoke in sacrament meeting, and I spoke probs at the same time. And we had like no notice either, but it worked. We filled up the hour, somehow!

I hope you're all doing well! I love you all more than the number of prayers that are said in one day all over the world!

Keep up the good work :)

Sister Withers

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