Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No Sleep and a New Companion

Dear Family,

This week concluded this transfer, which means this is a new transfer. And we got transfer news on Saturday, and.... (drumroll..........) we're going to train a new sister :) We'll be a trio. Sister Nilsson came out one transfer before me, so neither of us have trained before, so we'll see how this goes, but I have full faith that things will go well. We meet her and pick her up tomorrow morning :) It's funny because President Adams didn't think this would happen, but he called before the normal transfer news call to ask us to train. I guess Heavenly Father had something else in mind. We're both super excited!

This week was a good one for sure! We had a lesson with Amalio's cousin Alieghya, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized!! We're going to work towards March 25, but it depends on if she can get off work to come to church. She's so ready for the gospel!!

There's this less active guy named Alan who moved to Monticello from Blanding (the neighboring town) and hasn't come to church because nobody reached out to welcome him or anything. Turns out, his records aren't even moved here, so that's why nobody knew about him. But we apparently were the first people to reach out to him. We had a lesson with him, and invited him to come to church, he was a little non-committal. The worst words a missionary can hear after you invite them to do something, and they say "We'll see" or "I'll try". And I just want to say "that was a yes or no question." but patience is a virtue. Anywho, HE CAME! It's always exciting to see a guy his age reach out and sit by him and then bring him to class!!!! Members make all the difference! I hope you're all doing your part in this work!

On Sunday, we go to the church and were talking people, and the guy in the bishopric walks up to us 10 minutes before sacrament meeting and asks us to speak. We said we were more than happy, and I was surprised how not scared I was. It must be a blessing of being a missionary. It went well, and we took the meeting to 5 minutes after the hour perfectly :)

Saturday night was really funny. Sister Nilsson and I both couldn't sleep, but I must have fallen asleep by midnight or so. Anywho, on a regular morning, the alarm goes off, Sister Nilsson checks the phone, and goes to the bathroom while I say my morning prayer. So, at one point in the night, she gets up, checked the phone, and went to the bathroom, and I thought it must be morning. Then she comes back in, and I had finished my prayer and just couldn't believe how tired I was, and she shines the phone light on me and tells me it's 12:51. Then we really couldn't sleep because we were laughing so hard! I was glad to get another few hours to sleep :)

We got stuck again, but honestly, I don't know if it would be a week if we didn't get stuck. The mud was thick. All the snow is melting, and it's making the roads difficult to work with. But, thank goodness we have 4wd! And, we got a new truck last week because our old one's 4wd gave out. They fixed it, and it turns out the problem was that it had so much dirt on the battery or something that the electric charge to turn on 4wd didn't engage. So yeah, that should tell you how much our poor trucks go through. But now we have a 2015 instead of 2014 Nissan Frontier. Did you know missions keep vehicles until they get to 60,000 miles? Crazy, huh?

I love you all more than the number of electrons that are used for electricity to engage 4WD.

I hope you all  have a lovely week :)
Sister Withers

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