Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Triple Threat

February 20, 2017

Dear Family,
What a week. I know I always say that, but this week has been busy and long, but good! It started Monday night when Sister Nilsson and I drove to Farmington (2 and a half hours away) to spend the night and pick up our new sister in the morning. We were invited to stay with the Farmington YSA sisters, and we needed to be there no later than 8:50. So we plan out our day and we were going to be right on time, and around 8:10 the assistants to the president called us and asked if we were going to make it, and we said yeah we're right on time. Then they told us we were supposed to be at the training meeting for all the trainers, which started at 8:00. We were never told that information, and even our district leader who gave us our travel itinerary didn't know about it.... long story short, we missed the memo and didn't make it to the meeting. And then we had a hard time finding the YSA sisters where we'd spend the night. It was a rough and stressful night, and everything that happened is so typical for Sister Nilsson and I. But it's okay, they gave us a paper of what they went over. I just feel bad for our trainee, because this is our first time training, not to mention we're both pretty new to the mission. I just finished my training one transfer ago. I'm just hoping Heavenly Father knows what he's doing :)

We got a new companion! Her name is Sister Dowd, from Saratoga Springs UT. She's super sweet and nice. We're lucky to have her! And I'm learning a lot by training a new missionary! It's crazy to watch her learn and grow, because I remember having to learn the things she's learning, and struggled with the same things she is. I just get to relearn these lessons! Which is really helpful :)

This week, on Wednesday, Courtney officially quit chewing!! He has chewed since he was 13, and now he's decided to quit. He's 32 and has the cutest 2 kids in the world. His daughter is Raylee, the 11 year old who wants to be baptized. We're still not sure if her mom will allow it. She's been brainwashed by her boyfriend who has been excommunicated. You would not believe the drama that has happened over the past few years in Monticello. I feel like I'm watching a crazy TV show where there's overload of drama and everybody's connected to it somehow, only it's real life. I'm pretty sure the song "I'm My Own Grandpa" was written by inspiration of Monticello UT. Everybody's related!!!

Also, something very exciting happened on Sunday! Amalio got the priesthood!!! He was ordained a priest!!! And the bishop has asked him to be his first assistant. You'd think that the young men would help him along and bring him to class, but Amalio's the one who has to drag his friends along to class. He's such an amazing person :)

One of the things we teach on a daily basis is to do CPR. It's not like the medical CPR where you help somebody breathe, but it's a similar concept. Spiritually, there are 3 absolutely essential things we need to do to stay alive. Church, Pray, and Read the scriptures. If we do these 3 things, I know we'll stay alive spiritually and have the energy necessary to overcome our challenges. I hope all of you take the time to do your CPR so you are strong and have the spirit in your life.

I know this church is true and if we do all we can to show our faith and follow Jesus Christ, then Heavenly Father will make up the difference. You are all so amazing! I love being a missionary, and I'm so glad I get to stay in Monticello! I LOVE the people here. I hope to stay as long as possible :)

I love you all more than the number of things I've learned as a missionary.

Sister Withers

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